Friday, January 25, 2008

xtra! xtra!
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Bill Gates (yes, you know the man) is putting $306 million toward developing agricultural systems in poor countries.  There is still hope in the world and it all rests on the shoulders of Bill Gates (not really).  Keep them thoughts utopian--if you know what I mean my peoples-- and we will will the way to peace and prosperity.

Health tip of the day: Don't eat donuts for breakfast >>>

Insight of the day:  (As humans) we don't only communicate with words and body language--we also inexplicably (as of yet) transmit messages telepathically.  Scientists will find proof of this in the future--trust me.  Don't you ever have those instances with others that are of the ESP nature.  Those are not coincidences--they are instances of higher levels of communication.

Link of the day:  (description) it is a creative enterprise dubbed "THINK B 4 U BLINK PRODUCTIONS" masterminded by a hometown chum of mine named Nick Klein.  You'll have to see it for yourselves my friends.  It is the wave of the future.

click here to experience the experience

We're gonna do some high impact short films, right Nick?

At this very moment I am sitting here and there is a ventriloquist sitting nearby that is throwing his voice like I have never heard before in my life.  He is to the front left of me and somehow I can hear his voice loud and clear in my right ear more than in my left.  It is as if he is sitting to the right of me and is closer to me than he actually is.  He seems kind of nutty though, but that's cool with me.  He has such a strange and high cartoon-y voice.  It is entertaining to say the least.

Okay that is all folks.  Call into my radio show tomorrow afternoon my friends.  I will have more details about the time and the phone number later.  It will be a hoot fo' sho.

Over and out.

Fili O (so cool) 

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