Wednesday, February 20, 2008

___-_-_-_---___-_--_(flying to the temple--flying to the dojo)

(in class) we are exploring Second Life an Internet-based virtual world in which you can do such things as fly in the air to travel (that is--after you subscribe and create an avatar)--own land--use html skills to create objects and landscapes--interact with other people that also have a lot of time on their hands--you can even buy wedding clothes to get married--you can adopt children--go to theme parks--go to a dinosaur park--voice chat--test drive cars from actual brands of cars that you may find in the real world outside of this comuter world(such as Chevy)--you can visit a 9/11 memorial--one can even steal things or duplicate other people's possessions if permissions allow--you can gamble--among other things--that is all for now)))))))))))))))))

okay it's a lot like the Sims--

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