Thursday, February 14, 2008

no body v now I'm big and important isits--no body visits--a look who is telling who what to do ll work no plTHE SECRET LIFE OF A BLOGPOST THAT BECCA SHOWwoah you're not FiliS MEay, makes Jack a dull boy }}Rno kiss my ass goodbye nowEDRUM
i'm not a psyU NEVER MEANT TO CLOCK ME INcho--Patrick Fogarty t don't be that kid who writes in different colors hinks I wrote a list on the wall and everyone signed it -- I was the first one I am FOGEY VERSUS FILI--FACE_MELTER__NOTHING rhymes with anything -- you alterate universe---call her five YOU ARE OFFENDING ME times out of ten--did you say TILLY--MY PHONE IS SHATTERED ROB BECCA pat 1 2 6 9

I am a poopy face eat eat goo goo goo food people dog

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