Friday, March 21, 2008

10 to 15 inches of snow accumulation in my localities -- who would have thought (?) -- rhetorical for me because I've become familiar with the sporadic Wisco weather -- can you feel it in your bones? -- a string of luck that I will tie around my wrist and clench-a the fist at adversity with-- because it does exist, you know (adversity that is)? -- sittin' listenin' to ol' tyme blues on the social music networking platform (i believe someone is movin' in below us {interesting}) -- the landscape of melody is rapidly changing in our information era -- it's yours -- it's mine -- it's ours (better perspective in terms of co-op) -- see video below for pure experience points for your life -- rocket boost yourself to enlightenment -- we have the means -- if you know what i means (William Gates) -- a blues lyric excerpt to conclude:

Now looka here blues, I wanna talk to you
You been makin' me drinkin', gamblin', and stay out all night too
Now you got me to the place, I don't care what I do
Yeah now blues, I wanna have a little talk with you
Now I believe you've been drinkin' moonshine, blues cause you don't care what you do

-Big Bill Broonzy - "Conversation with the Blues"

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