Wednesday, March 26, 2008

interesting -- i've been waiting for this specific configuration of psyches in Milwaukee localities -- rug on the floor -- ghosts in the hallway -- moaning of feet roaming long ago -- a modern man in a modern mirror -- super luigi -- Amy Winehouse is haggard in every way says Rebecca - toxic hooks out of earbuds in close proximities -- question mark silhouette heads -- watches rewound to zero - point - of no return but there are exceptions in some matters -- ah, it's your favorite artist on the walls over at the exhibition -- wine and cheese ? --- classy music preferably -- maybe you can put lipstick on and kiss th walls -- Regina Spektor melodies are good too, eh? -- i will see you there (?) my favorite artist with a twinkle in biological optical mechanisms for visual stimuli -- from my muse down by the wagon gypsie attentive to the crystal ball visions that are auspicious smiles to say the least-- all smiles-- I have came -- I have kept it short and sweet -- yep

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