Tuesday, June 17, 2008

i'm assuming --- killed in a war : ( : ( :( : { i'm not here for your approval -- exist, yes but some now and -- the money will ruin you and your finances could flip you (i thought about that for a while) i can't define but i wish i could put into words my frustrations b/c because b/c they(?) are are are are frustrating frustrating --- whydo wyou need to know on th run on the run -- the background is foreground the samee place jude max nice to meet you silence it's not your poetry alex how can you assumethe riff will across the universe and it will imitation and yhou will sing out of key you will sing out of key you will sing out of key and pretend ant it is over the top ana]afaa jqfo acircle circel u nfconfortable do you need anybody i need somebody to love in gravel in gravel and british accent impersonation and get by with dance around harmoney wea la a alll kown know we aall know emotion that can only be expressed in song pr] ala;;;;; woahh 0 ujoawjriolweurj qripoeirq[ ring o across the across the my friends ( ? _-KMROil oil io o jmy ro0sujor;iwl rjfriends friends frea orjoiwru orange bek b kjol j whit enoise white noise white noise white noise profoun dq profun f profound questeino profound question noise LUAA

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