Wednesday, June 11, 2008

surreptitious deceived love and odyssey a story it is like a mad lib -- liberated laugh a little bit we are friends right do you think that there is something terribly wrong with me -- dash dash ---give me some words of inspiration invisible wallflower playing piano yeah just write it -- how are you playing the piano -- you are playing it in a nonchalant auditorium --songs only played by famous people -- with notes similar to the sunshine -- it's good -- what is the final word -- history is in perception --- now are you done -- oh -- in deepest regrets -- no -- yeah -- something else -- with my deepest love -- and then your name -- caitlin klabacka-- spelled correctly -- do you know how to spell it -- can you spell it for me? -- one more profound phrase -- my phone is cutting out -- no -- mm -- i will dream about you yeah -- if you dream of me yeah -- spectacular yeah - wahooo!!!! -- Sherlock Holmes

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