Friday, July 11, 2008

i promise to the gods -- godfather number 2 and lightning outdoors -- is a nut -- born the 4th of July good fucking actor -- he says --- and a bird's eye view of Time Square New York -- and a female ghost whisper -- open your eyes -- radiohead somehow on the soundtrack -- and supposedly the best actor by his opinion -- in its right place -- on lemon -- lambourgini yeah spelled right or not -- we got a show tomorrow and maybe my philosophies and actions aren't the same as yours, but hey i was on that one television show --- that makes me === i'm -- open your eyes -- and the empty street means loneliness -- 33 -- your ads made me mad and i impulsed -- that makes me -- i'm mad -- i'm the scripted -- and it will all shock -- and it will colors -- don't be mad at me world world world and if god calls i am very very busy --who - who -- was alone -- but one day it is sour and it is sweet --- skate board on half pipe -- Julie -- buddy --

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