Friday, August 15, 2008

breakfast of champs -- the hot sauce only for employees -- cheeses crust -- chesus crust copywritten -- reconcilliation -- what it holds is unknown blood red liquid -- makes the world shine - a challice -- a holy grail -- mr. jones and me -- fbi agents with weaponary -- bob dylan and the band basement tapes -- dorkus malorkus you -- back to the one anecdote -- this is your last supper -- the antidote is hidden inside 365 different compartments Aristotle -- be my friend -- be my love comfort --lovemood -- river runs right up your spine -- to connect your temple divine -- out west en fuego -- it's a bittersweet symphony this world -- at the clutches of doom -- hopefully not too soon -- *gong* and rob is gone on a jet plane -- don't know when he will be back again -- idea guys -- and more anecdotes that will reveal your teeth -- the end/genesis -- SEGA!

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