Tuesday, August 26, 2008

breaking news (sort of) breaking news, you break my heart and my spirits breaking news -- bicycle thievery -- make that the 4th installment -- it was once owned by an unknown (maybe a couple unknowns before) -- then a one Christos Mathos (set up god, so to speak, obtained it somehow) -- then a one Mike the DUDE had possession of it -- then it was left idle in an accessible storage room for quite some time -- i needed a bike to roll to work downtown on -- so i wheeled it out into the elements and had been utilizing its mechanical advantages for a couple months now -- and the 4th installment or maybe more than that-who knows-occurred just the other night -- it was stolen in the middle of the night at my new location it was locked up to a fence-- it must be karma's innerworkings shifting and cranking in chaos and order of ideas -- and all my words dressed up in what i propose to be cleverness and wit -- but i'm rusty like chains, water, and oxidation -- thankfully, good ol' rob left behind a schwinn (sp?) type road bike for utilization (i'm a robot_mike) -- rob -- it is something like early afternoon in China, eh? -- alright -- in other news, just completed my first real adult life 40 hour work week ever -- it was painfully full time -- but -- independence and lottery tickets is all i've known for quite some time -- much props moms and pops once again for getting me on my feet -- i only look to make yous happy in whatever way, shape, or form -- besos y abrazos

*i do not condone the thievery of bikes

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