Tuesday, October 21, 2008

let me reiterate >>(so got a record deal)
a dream come true -- just so happens that somehow some suits acquired a copy of my independent debut compact disc -- liked what they heard -- got a hold of me through this blog in the comments section -- speaking over my cellular they offered me a RECORD DEAL (interscope) -- i was skeptical at first but it is as legitimate as the moon's orbit around the Earth -- more details to come -- don't worry -- friends it will be on my terms -- no glitz -- no glamour -- just progressive ideas -- not regressive ideas -- substance and meaning -- and LOVE -- and free thinking -- and caring -- and sharing -- i am blissfully optimistic about the days/weeks/years ahead -- there will be a celebration -- in the meantime, here is a video you may enjoy>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>

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what is this i read?