Sunday, November 16, 2008

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November snippet #5 (revised) -- durable soul (is) catching dreams in flux arena to observe them in suspended animation -- in due time, setting them back in motion, making life possible once again -- thereupon, the personification of a lightbulb filament emits this quote from the core of an amplified communication cone : > "Attaboy, tinker with the design some more!" -- the fibers of the framework being the fusion of palm tree sounds & palm-reading visions of people of all pigments of skin, hands clasped, circumscribing the planet in peace-proliferating perserverance -- (Yeah, go ahead and call me a pansy flamingo hee-trugger*, but that last snippet took a lot of thought to manifest) -- take a clip of a sunrise sound (a blessed bird's chirp) -- now, multiply that loop of audio to make a melody for m' lady, Mother Earth (harmonious affirmations) -- a snippet of November #5 (vivified) -- 14 cubicle lengths thattaway, a cityscape image once bled through the window into my eyes as we toiled paradoxically -- [continued] -- (exhale) -- (a time lapse) -- the sun dipped below the horizon -- the milieu of Milwaukee dimmed -- and the window scenery morphed into~~~~~~a distorted mirror reflection of our immediate location: (horizontally) a depth of 14 cubicles from free falling 12 stories to meet & greet the concrete (vertically) other news, the stock market took another beating today... ```pigs in perdition``` -- this is me posturing poetic -- relaxed -- with my feet up on a desktop -- and that concludes "November snippet #5" -- {(written in a vacuum where blueberry time waffles are most lucid & edible too)} *switcheroo/ritcheswoo translation for hee-trugger is tree-hugger

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