Saturday, November 08, 2008

take me in your arms (Thom Yorke) -- Casey the dog and then random dog comes into Phil's pad (it's like lady and the tramp) -- I love you Rebecca -- caja de conocimiento -- box of knowledge -- computadora -- make air not war -- no war -- no war -- the protesters got it -- the bourgeoisie break your legs -- causes you to rebel with a cause in your paws and your sharp dagger claws -- pull our cars out from the river rusty -- blips -- my belly is busted -- my life is money accumulation and i wish it wasn't -- the bums, the boxcar hobos -- i can never reach you -- 2006 so long ago and in memory you are concrete for me at this moment in time -- engaged -- she with rose in ear -- me with restless hands and legs -- recording artist, eh? -- don't walk the plank like I did (Yorke) -- hershey kisses -- crestfallen is the title floating in my mind to something it will concrete itself -- wish this were collaborative, it would be more eclectic -- my understanding of words is scant -- sponge rob parallelogram pants -- outro time -- are you prepared? -- slippery slope -- conscious -- i am -- are you -- pretend to care -- really care -- really care now -- fear out the window -- doves -- white ones -- rainbow doves to conclude in peace -- beautiful organ sound ambiance blue skies outro but at the same time intro into pristine age -- eons from now your breath and words will be funny -- funny momentousness -- wizard hat ending