Friday, December 12, 2008

I'VE GOT THE... tattered soul-fettered life-indebted to the institution-skinny pockets-moth-eaten wallet-kick to the groin-cross-eyed-skinned knees-jump off a bridge-someone stole my identity-concussion-running in circles-crestfallen-tongue froze to the flagpole-scattered brain-pixelated paralysis-empty and broken dreams-inaudible wailing-walk the plank-hoodwinked-no-pulse-no-chance-inadequacy in all attempts at anything-emo-emoticon-defcon 1-wikireality-phone's tapped-big brother smothered-cluster bomb-drone of a day-poison soup-mockingbird-laughingstock of town-exile-refugee-displaced-blindfolded-paper cut-chalk board fingernail screeching-muddy-no credit-tire iron weapon attack-pathetic in my worn out shoes-aphasia of the brain-stole my soul-plucked my daisy-coughing up phlegm-hangnail-bitter-disproved theories-endless inquiries on the meaning of life-i'm so vain- ill-repute-aging-rest of the world war-waging-corruption by the hand of these MFer's supposedly on our behalf-loveless-walking on hot coals-acid burn-disney stealing my imagination-turned off our electricity-undeserved privilege-cut my hair into a mullet against my will-informed of the non-existence of Santa Claus-eclipse of consciousness-Milky Way milked dry of life-competition killed these cats-helicopter dropped an Egyptian pyramid on me in the desert-cartoon goose egg bump on my head-add on top of that an anvil accelerating down on me with unknown origins-ripping off a bandaid at sloth pace on my hairy forearm-tick tock tick tock who's afraid of the big old clock-scarcity of friends-depletion of divine manifestations-vulture swarm in a maelstrom-skyscraper obstructing my view-my picture on a wanted dead or alive poster-christmas lights committing arson-sore throat beyond human tolerance-fleeting red exit sign in a dark tunnel that is infinite in length-mine enemy spit in my face-juggernaut knocking the wind out me-no laughter-convinced i'll never be the prince of pop-death by pop rocks and soda pop-obsolete self love-technical difficulties-solitary confinement-purgatory-not knowing when to quit-daily difficulties-the death of meaningful, soulful music-no supper on the table-fill up my flask with whisky-the realization that i'll always stand in the shadow of Robert Johnson-good ol' down and dirty-hit and miss-the abyss of my soul aches in pain-SOS-save me-save the world... BLUES
(in all actuality I don't got it bad at all; i just felt inclined to do a free association description of some kind of blues when i came across this photo of Ro-Jo, the King of the BLUES)