Friday, December 05, 2008

pulchritude of human flesh and bone (gnashing teeth of our self-destructive inclinations) -- leaf me alone I am entranced with spinning wheels at the intersection -- he swinging betwixt vines -- on the vine and then we slide into home plate -- Happy Holidays -- one of the things I can not believe from the past few days of my life is when one of my authority figures taunted me with contortion of face and flailing of arms -- it was my frustration she was mocking -- i just dropped you in a couch cushion -- tell Abe hello -- when it hasn't been your day, your week, your month or even your year -- i'll be there for you -- plates of glass and big brother above and permeating/recording your scene -- free refills -- ree frefills -- observing my life down to the most pixelated, luminous quanta -- want to embody the holiday spirit for your reasons -- be they material in all waste and wanton possession obsession -- primate transfiguration -- thought about the immensity of the cement city and people's propensity to make filthy what was once pretty --i'm wearing myself out in searching for a feather-duster -- barrel of monkeys -- tinfoil beneath my eyelids glistering -- how's China? -- sweep the alleys -Marie reading "pull my daisy" -- she says she doesn't get poetry y no comprende -- samples!!!!!!!!!!!!! -- -- bananas -- and re-introducing Dr. Zeius -- run, run, Dr. Zeius, run -- all aforementioned words blotted out -- annihilated -- obliterated -- until next time -- I am slime -- w/ appurtenances of wings --i want to be an old-tyme crooner and/or Thom Yorke