Friday, December 19, 2008

LOOK AT ALL THIS SNOW!!!! -- there's snow everywhere!!! (said in a funny voice of course with exaggerated hand gestures)

shovelling -- bags on feet again for dry feet purposes --Charles I wish you a Merry Christmas -- they're not medicine, they're placebos -- bops -- not a drug reference -- happens to be the narrative on the flat screen tv commercial -- in your room you never see the sun -- Bernie Mac is in heaven -- "now that's good parenting" -- opposite end of the universe locality -- but is there no boundaries to its immensity? -- stroll in the snow -- ice cream sentient of its brain freeze capabilities -- who is the (your) ennabler? -- get yourself an existence -- doc #9 holiday party it's an annual tradition -- see yourself a tunnel of Christmas lights of compassion -- cricket's making millions -- 20% off if you mention our commercial in anectdote forms -- arguing in the next room -- your day is slipping away -- terminating transmission --