Thursday, January 15, 2009

... home, home again -- I like to be here when I can -- and when I come home cold and tired -- it's good to warm my bones beside the fire I mentioned in an earlier post, I'm back in my hometown for a visit (recharging my soul's battery so to speak) -- /above/ a foto of the humble abode taken some time in the past (approx. winter 2003-2004) -- seems like ages ago on the history pages -- almost dusty these memories have become -- so it goes, a recurring theme that takes place in the living room of the Ortega home, is the viewing of the Back to the Future trilogy in all of its entirety -- one could say it's become a ritual to watch this sci-fi adventure about time travel -- the trilogy is a classic, and if you have yet to see it, you must -- trust me -- I say this because I recall speaking to someone recently about the trilogy, and I was shocked to find out that they have never even heard of the movie -- I don't recommend movies much, but trust me on this one, Earthlings... what else? -- what else? -- playing poker for fun with ma and pa -- working on new musical compositions -- meeting up with some ol' skool pals (S. Kelly and S. Harrigan) -- reading/writing -- relaxing -- staying warm -- can I say, man, it is like the arctic tundra out there, eskimos -- /below/ a nice little foto out the front of our igloo -- don't that light post look like an unidentified flying object? -- it does to me --
in close, as you know we got a new leader of the free world taking office in some 5 days -- I tip my hat to you sir, and say make your momma proud -- the world is topsy-turvy at the moment, and I am not the eponymous Greek God, Atlas, with the weight of the world on my shoulders, but if I were I'd set the controls for paradise -- tis babble, no one has use for a po-mo poet, Fili, or one that proclaims to be, but nice try though -- ahhhhhhhh!!! -- it's an inner struggle my peoples and definitely an external one too (you can call me Captain Obvious) -- we can work it out though -- I bid you farewell wanderers of the digital landscape -- until next time that is -- keep your chins sky high --