Thursday, January 08, 2009

The GC Love Band will be manipulating musical instruments this Saturday in Milwaukee Live on North Avenue for free so come and see between the hours of 930 PM and bar time <<<<<<

Fresco fresco fresco: through thick and thin, amorphous/nebulous gateways, to step to the forefront of a vista presenting to you omniscient secrets of the known universe and the untouchable, unknown universe too -- make sure your peepers are wide open & in awareness mode -- cut the inner monologue chatter and just accept the awe-inspiring void -- globules of time shimmering & dripping from your fingertips -- the cosmos rendering you comatose -- the hum permeates your coma state of suspended animation -- cradle rocking as if by tugging/pulling of strings -- Milky Way the cradle of our existence -- goo goo goo ga ga ga -- scientists in vain explaining the concept of inertia sounding babbling in outerspace -- planets: puppets of the Sun -- our Sun melting the retinas -- Ms. Universe, let me map my very own constellation configuration of stars (las estrellas) -- I will map out a set of stars that form a slice of pizza in the night sky -- with your choice of toppings (pepperoni, pineapple, mushrooms, etc.) -- Ms. Universe, do you consider completely my supplications -- I am the VOID incarnate, which is in itself a paradoxical proclamation -- cosmic dust clumped right in there with free will, the Big Bang, and planet Earth -- fleeting expanse -- intangible streaks of undulating light -- I'm groping in the dark for comprehension of your cipher -- your secrets wrapped in a cube placed in the bosom of the Bermuda triangle, and chasing me chasing the secret -- turned inside-out to encounter the back of my very own head -- mi cabeza, mi corazon, mi cuerpo, mi alma, la sangre y huesos, la mente, mi cerebro, el aliento de vida -- translation: my head, my heart, my body, my soul, the blood and bones, the mind, my brain, the breath of life.................... (ending transmission)