Wednesday, February 11, 2009

trusty calculatorI busted out my trusty calculator today, keyed in 365 x 24, and found that today I am roughly 8,760 days old (didn't calculate leap years -- seems like too much work -- oh and I didn't calculate womb time -- that too seems like too much work) >>> Well, here is my gift to you world, on my birthday of all days -- follow this link for some newer musical works by yours truly >>


the title of the works is "Come on now, give me salvation*****" and the album artwork was done by my pa in paint forms personally ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY

OH and I also took this pic on my 24th birthday (today) -- for I was going to find some age morphing software on the net to let the program morph this picture of me into an old man, but that too seemed like too much work (plus I don't think my computer has the capabilities) -- sorry -- instead, this is my rendition of me 50 years older in the paint program >>>

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