Wednesday, February 04, 2009

NIGHTMARE recollection: there was an animatronic Santa Claus entity off in the corner of a dark living room next to an intricate, beige, brown, antique cuckoo clock atop a bookshelf -- the Santa figure kept making swooping slow-mo gestures in unison with standard Merry X-Mas phrases, such as "Ho-ho-ho, Merry Christmas" and "I know if you've been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake", etc. -- the cuckoo clock would intermittently do what cuckoo clocks do -- I then began to get a hint that this Santa figure was truly evil and that he wasn't just all electronics -- I began to provoke him -- poking at him -- and his phrases and gestures became more and more life-like and evil -- evil Santa lunged at me and began gnawing on my finger -- AHHHHHHHH!!!!! mind you, all the while the evil Santa figure was morphing back and forth between the Chucky doll from Child's Play -- you know the character -- he seems to always haunt my dreams --

then the scene transitions instantaneously -- I am by my lonesome in a spectral, dim-lit basement sitting on a couch -- I turn and a big, dumb friend of mine is approaching me -- he looks like Chunk from the Goonies with an expansive, flat forehead -- I realize as he's walking towards me that he has the Chucky doll in his hands, holding it by the hair -- I'm terrified mind you, and I ask "Why would you bring that down here?!?!?!" -- he's flailing his arm with the evil doll in his grasp -- pushing it towards me -- and then as if I'm not already shaking in my dream-boots, I turn to see a dark, slender Frankenstein-looking figure coming down the stairs -- his face is melting and his skull is exposed (blue, purple, green were the melting colors I seen) -- the picture below doesn't do justice to the vivid scariness of the Frankenstein figure in this nightmare, but I have little time to be drawing Frankensteins -- I woke up startled as I saw the melting face Frankenstein and I was gasping for air in a cold sweat -- I then attempted to fall asleep but woke up at strange intervals of 1:01 AM, 2:02 AM, 3:03 AM, 4:04 AM, and 5 something AM -- and then slept 'til 9 or 10 or so -- SWEET DREAMS FOLKS, DON'T HAVE ONES LIKE THESE --

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