Tuesday, March 03, 2009

are you awake? -- I gently shake your body in attempts to pull you from that dreary dream that has you moan-groaning into your outerspace pillow -- the mathematics of your routine are in a jumble in the waking world, waiting for you to decipher their true values with your scatter-brained blessed biological mechanism -- there is a void billowing nebula all about the breakfast table (south window) -- your fridge is running -- your fleet mind is ready to split atoms & weigh probabilities & to bring twinkling ideas to life -- i know i'm eager to witness their birth --buy you a mocking bird -- hearts for you in snow accumulated atop your car i drew -- i'm (a) fool -- for you K473 -- not a stupid fool -- a giddy-whirling-dazzled-by-you --- ...{fool}... --- "... and because time was on his side ... " --

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