Thursday, March 12, 2009

the ghost of fate contacted me last night -- a premonition in my dream woke me before her digital arrival - (lights flashing transmission) - bouncing off the walls, masticating Roman Numerals -- an empire of transient ideas about the world of pop culture, shone decaying in the white light -- energy swirls -- performance enhancing elixir -- everything under the sun sinner -- the fire works: wanted for arson -- let me catch your name in my bucket brain -- checking the reflection for thine enemies -- I fly when my belly fills up with butterflies -- could be hunger -- could be love love love love love love LOVE -- go and see the king -- heat shuts off -- I HAVE FREE WILL!!! -- American-Chinese conflict in the waters of ... -- aggressive ones -- is your propaganda foolish or what -- military -- media -- govt. -- these g d institutions -- in vain -- all my love was in vain -- prolly die when the money runs out -- "can't you have fun without money" -- sans money -- sin dinero -- FREE PRIZES -- FREE LOVE --

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