Wednesday, June 10, 2009

get a stitch or two or seven even - stitch up the imperfect fabric of space/time/memory/love - could hold you so close to share in the delight and joy of adventurous lives we ache for - ache - aching for you to return - transition - carpet sharks underneath carpet wreaking havoc - throw it in the freezer -doot doot doot - did someone just climb up on our porch? - 1st place ribbons festoon the walls - what is your goal? - i'm big in Japan - QUIT - if we've reached singularity (an "intelligence explosion", if you will) anywhere along the time-line, there's a possibility that these lives we live are just simulations swimming in codes by ancient programs to guide (with variations of who how what the being experiences when where and why to boot) -- yes, like the Matrix - programmed for pain - programmed for that hunger - programmed destiny - programmed for laughter love -- ooh that girlsoul unique and calling that boysoul of mine located somewheres who knows where in the fabric - turn to Wick and he proclaims, "FAME!" - no-thing - farewell - rock and roll shows TBA around Milwaukee town -- please, stop breakin' down -

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