Saturday, July 04, 2009

independence day -- wavering daylight will carry you into the night -- where you may see phantasmal visages that don't really have marrow to their bone -- Panda Bear dins through the screen to add audio accompaniment to my otherwise lonesome day -- Milo the dog at attention, taking in the scenery from the balcony with me -- noises, scents, colors, breezes, ideas forming to their own accord -- (or is it my diamond shining will?)- glimmering liberty swords beckoning the masses, a beacon of harmony -- take your pick as to which you will and which you won't accept into your heart and soul -- play on, play on, sweet lonesome wanderers -- she's off to a bigger and brighter future, Lady Liberty -- chaos -- the void hoodwinks -- Milo stares some more blankly -- thinking doggy dog thoughts, I suppose -- scratch my head to shake out the ideas -- if I can gather/capture them before they puff into quantum smoke, I'll place them in a cube for containment & we'll use their blueprint cipher to take care of the world in our own peaceful ways, you and me, king and queen, building a brighter future for all eternity amen -- gotta go -- here's a video -- plus song - equals -- farewell for now -- ; )

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