Tuesday, October 13, 2009

how to disappear completely? ojala que sean muy felices! espresso machine hiss & gurgle. to the grocery for bare necessities. little darling, here comes the sun & you are a ghost & a robot. make the right decision she says as she discerns my quiet, worried thought, not even knowing that she has picked at my brain. eons & eons of entities fossilized. that's the bigger picture & that's why the cognitive dissonance you now brood over is truly irrelevant. little darling, i have a button for you for your button collection. a cracker jack prize, a cracker jack prize for you the apple of my eye. confess my undying love to mutual friends to mutual friends. it all depends on who ooh who ooh, is on the receiving end of this love letter. no idea, no idea, really where or when my soul is suspending in the greater scheme of things. they shot a rocket at the moon? GENESIS. COMPUTER SIMULATED. YOU KNOW WHAT'S FUNNY? DO YOU? LIKE, pretty much everything under the sun is comical now, including the sun. excuse me miss, you dropped your smile. : ) : ) : ) : )


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