Friday, November 27, 2009

BLACK FRIDAY & I'm back - your stocks tumble - eek - Dubai debt is dubious - go out there & shop now -^^^^^ -- woke on the sinking, broken couch, scared out of my wits by the scary black-masked magician piercing a woman's bosom with spikes - what rattled me was that volatile state between reality & sleepmind - - that 2-d manifestation on the screen really was quite eerie to be the first thing for my psyche to take in - the lamp i put on the floor before suffused the room with a hellish, orange tinge - i jumped up & ran to the door, looked back to the screen to see if the insanity was still broadcasting - imagine me looking for sanity out in the dangerous streets - Scafidi's marquee flashing a racing light show - there's a certain lyric that was ingrained in my head & i subconsciously wrote it down as my own - but that was a long ago on the tail of elastic time, now i don't even need to write lyrics down - word up world - happy holidays - wink - wink - bet your bottom dollar that the sun will rise once again - NEW ALBUM in STORES SOON -

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