Friday, January 29, 2010

the FUllest of MOONs of 2010 - hope the freaks don't come out at night - acoustic guitar rattling marathon - sorry I didn't return this weekend - for my velocity is slowed by the caustic cold outside, now imagine yourself in a vaccum of absolute cold - now, thoughts of lurxurious hot tubs swirling & jets that stream of the fortunate - get right - live simply - the only social construct should be LOVE LOVE LOVE - other than that, I may get a little crazy in the head on occasion - i apologize - i repent - i want to live life & never be cruel - Abraham Shakespeare, bless your soul - all the suffering the world will see its stay as we wish it away - wish the idea of money & greed was but a tumble weed of yore - & that (y)our worth was (y)our kindness & crayons would dance a picture of paradise upon a leaf of paper always on & on - when the sun comes out your cheek will receive its warmth, you precious, smiley one - be kind -   

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Rebecca said...

cool scans man. i like the negative images. oooooo snoop dog in outer space race. speaking of snoop i am snoopin on you via blog. i am gonna start my new blog. I will put a link through your comment wall or whatever. wish you were here. bebaboo