Friday, December 03, 2010

poesia pensamientos tambien//// unknown date in eternal journal, just a kernel - half month half moon phase - there's a man over here frustrated beyond blowing a gasket - in the distance, a mountainous mass of clouds hangs heavy - mis ojos son pesados tambien a veces - glad i'm not having as bad a day as this guy, his big sighs make me cringe - Lord, send me a nicely-wrapped match made in heaven, for it will go down in the history books of romance if i have anything to do about it - dealing with a pair of fleeting illusions, but maybe that's because im losing my grip on the pulp of this juiced reality - (later) in the midst of another poetry session, inside cramped shoes - bus streams by, only the upper deck I do see - I swallowed a glowing globe, out my nostrils shot light brighter than an angelic sun - pure white as i dream of dancing in candle light flickering, kicking off my shoes for a sock hop social - a cliff's edge where i sleep & roll off into zero cipher gravity cradle - misguided 'Z' can't make up its mind/line - pushing 26 years of ape age - adios for now - pura vida!

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