Friday, February 18, 2011

[Wisconsin 2011] : the center of your Universe, cheese & protest, this is what Democracy looks like.
Placards of heated meaning in Madtown, some vulgar, some bolder than others, some politically correct.
When I woke up this morning, I was going to be either extremely happy, really pissed off, or more sad than a poor boy.
Thing is, I didn't wake up this morning, instead, last night I went to bed in the VOID & there I stay, dream-vacuuming planes upon planes of carpets of eternity.
Mom's in the kitchen, yelling, "Clean up this mess!"
TGIF. Thank God it is Friday!
P.S. Andy pops it, then he locks it, & then he throws away the key.
{El Fin}

P.P.S I will be performing at the Brewing Grounds coffee shop tomorrow @ 7:30 -- it's free -- acoustic, no mics, no amps -- place is on Farwell Ave. -- talkin' Milwaukee -- it's north of Brady & south of North Ave.-- also performing: Sam Rodewald -- see you soon

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