Saturday, May 07, 2011

new music video, song by Sir Felix entitled "Judy Garland"

you remember that day I brought you a basket of flowers? I was drenched to the bone, I'm talkin' April showers. Prayin' to the powers that may be that you'd be my baby. CHORUS: Like a dream come true, you could take away my blues. You got all the right moves in your Judy Garland ruby slipper shoes. There's no place like home. When you cook your homemade food. I'm your dude. You're my dudette. Would it be rude, if I were to ask you where the food at? You'd prolly be like: "why you do that?" REPEAT CHORUS You didn't set forth the breaking of my heart. My heart is just fragile & made of porcelain parts. & it's in a shopping cart barreling down a steep hill, with a brickwall built at the bottom. At the bottom. REPEAT CHORUS OUTRO plus bonus drum outtake.

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