Saturday, August 06, 2011

Certain wall decorations fall from the wall, & the meaning behind it all is tied to sentiments of fame falling; & likewise, my concept of the attainment of notoriety does the same in the subconscious walls of the stretched-thin psyche & soul & brain. Chains make walking through 1/8th-scale model towns difficult, even so, I still dictate steps & go home at midnight, nebulous Earth midnight. Nebulous Earth midnight enmeshed in the leash that pulls my soul, the one metaphysical IDEA I do adore. There the soul swirls & shines to infinitesimal depths of divisions of 2 being punched into an ancient calculator that runs on Newton's INERTIA. Blueprints & graphs on Destiny's desk. Classical music rises out of the bricks of the red brick apartment, in kinetic collages. One ear to the East & the other poised to the West, where the dead rest, snoring comfortably. & the search continues for a MUSE that lives & breathes the best qualities. Pienso en ti. Pienso en ti.

{Desk Sketch #2}


Rebecca Klabacka said...

Don't think so hard about things! Especially negative things. Maybe it jumped from the wall to come to life but remembered it was a 2 dimensional picture and could not walk.

Rebecca Klabacka said...

Miss you, filiboy