Friday, November 18, 2011

Morning Poem
      On a walking whim through the crumb-y kitchen I took the globe near the bathroom for a spin with my pointer finger of touching & probing curiosity, that appendage, along with my eyes, is a glorious gift of life, so I take it all in,  breathing betwixt instant coffee instances & gravitational push & pull dichotomies of paradigm enormities. Oh how I've come into some auspicious electric currents & occurrences where I see the sun making its presence known through fiery curtains of clouds, painted with ember red & orange & a soaked blue from crisp morning skies. By the light of the moon, I spent last night taking the form & curvature of a nestling spoon with a corresponding lithe & lovely angel to snuggle up with through the swirling of autumnal dreams. What luck I've come across to even be near such a sleeping beauty, considering I'm just a chimpanzee swinging from tree to tree. Tee-hee. She preps for her day in the early dark of her apartment, but with just one glance she gives to the unfolding morning she certainly brightens up the day. & that's what I call rise & shine, the epitome. As the coffee drips in the corner nook of the kitchen I make toast. Toast appetit. Bon appetit. A bona fide beautiful morning spent with my babycakes. We went our separate ways with a kiss, she to work & me to waltz home for an infinite possibility day. & I wish her well for a nice day at work, only to see one another again in the near near future. God, I love my baby with every ounce of my pounding, thumping, swelling heart.

& here's an awesome painting my father put together. i think my mother painted the little cabin to the right of the river. much props to mom & pops.

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