Saturday, February 11, 2012

Here i am moving through the first moments of my 27th year. Andrea my sweetie pie is here (humboldt) mashing on her mobile phone. Keyes is playing a Rolling Stones tune over in the next room. Today we had a morning breakfast picnic in Andrea's front room. It was a fruit assortment, greek yogurt, & an egg & sausage raisin english muffin sandwich. We played 20 questions. Some of the answers were: segway, New York models, electric can opener, roses, hair on toes, & the Pabst theater. Sam Kelly & Andrew Karmas, my country boy pals, are on there way up as we speak. I'm curious as to where our night will lead & so is Andrea as well. Prolly the best day of my life to date. Yoohoo! On the up & up. Wazoo!!! This is a segue way to my future.

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