Saturday, June 23, 2012

Moments More Mints; Fresh Remnants; How Our Early Morning & Afternoon Were Spent

Image, Love, Action
I smell pierogi 
Suddenly she (Andrea) sees a dry chicken bone
with ants make figure 8s, clusters of amber triple-bodied orbs
--to gather is to blur & blather about our pedestrian sentence repetoire
They (Justin & Mary) wed beneath dazzling iridescent stained-glass works of art,
exquisite as the Iris of God's kaleidoscope eyes.
They wed on the 23rd of June. After 9 years of courtship it was the right time
like lock components falling in line with the key of God.
Se casan uno al otro.
Se casaron uno al otro.
Mas temprano hoy se casaron uno al otro
Never abandon your hope.
No abandonen su esperanza nunca.
To gather & show our support for their love in the name of God. 
The ceremony touched my tangible & intangible heart. <3 
So very humble am I, 
that I move about as a stick person having no flesh but only Love of God to share with you & yours.
What deeds should I take action on?
Action On.
A goose on the saxophone grunts.
Lord, would you write instructions on the tablet of my heart, 
as to what deeds I should look to live out?
The title is an afterthought.
Upon my final human breath,
what will be the epitome of my scissoring legs' legacy,
my summed-up interactions with the people of Milwaukee during the 21st Century?
2:38 P.M.
He is healthy as a well-fed puppy.
He & him hum hymns out of a book dubbed "Gather".
A freight train sighs south of here,
& the tail-end of the sigh is cut short by mysterious interloping objects.
A thousand tweeting twig-hopping birdies.
Succulent oranges for provisions were had upon elliptical plates,
sliced by my sweetheart Andrea.
"This story is getting intense, oh wow, hmm," Andrea utters under & over her lips.
Time to go for a stroll @ 2:45 P.M.
A worker at Bliffert Company, looking dejected & wearing a vest of black,
watered a stack of sod outside.
Inside, Andrea & I browsed the selection of products.
As of late Andrea's soul has been adorned in bright orange.
Adorned in orange, I like the sound of that.
The hardware store had complimentary popcorn.
I filled a bag with the salty, buttery snack.
Munch as we returned to Townsend,
discarding some puffed kernels
for the freewheelin' birds & squirrels.
Braided, olive-skinned kid speaks in cute code & wears a lime green shirt
which reads "Class of 2025" on the back,
& he sneaks up the downstairs neighbors' front steps, 
to invite playtime to Ayla, who is reading a children's book upon a water-worn bench.
Andrea & I, back upstairs,
resume the weekend relaxathon.
To mention, someone & someone else, as a duet, practiced the Beach Boys song "God Only Knows"
on clarinet & violin in a living room as Andrea & I were strolling back.
Shortly thereafter I gave Andrea a piggyback ride down a block.
We are equally lucky today.

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