Thursday, November 01, 2012

Out of a rush of daily activity, back home I enter into a relaxed state of being, beneath a blanket, & I give thanks for this warmth & shelter.  That's about all it takes for we as a people to be happy.  Anything more is just wants, not needs.  These newfangled items on the market don't even budge my interest.  I won't lie, this culture of excess poisonously bleeds into your simple way of life, but you are capable of filtering it out by means of a higher state of being, a modest, immaterial one.  Pay attention to the shape & form & characteristics of this version of yourself in which you now reside, because it is a promising, virtuous, humble, intelligent, confident, pious, sober, loving, harmonious, generous, bright, and healthy state of being that you will want to hold on to & carry on into the phenomena of future time scales, end to end time will be the home of your oscillating existence, & God will permeate it all with His loving grace, amen in this time & place.  (Painting: "Joseph's Dream" by Evelyn Dunbar)

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