Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Stream of consciousness excerpt from a letter among the Great Correspondence between Samuel and I:

All this media fuzz and politicking is really irking, vexing me.  I just want to hibernate from all the world's problems, and my own self-materialized problems.  I wish it wasn't all about money and cars and gadgets.  It's one life-long test that we are continually being administered.  I just don't get the point to all this big yawning existence.  It all just ebbs and flows with no end in sight.  Fight or flight.  Fetal or fame. Flame or ice.  Sugar and spice.  Rice or beans.  Kings without Queens.  Young and old.  Bought and sold.  All in or fold.  Timid or bold. Confident or impotent.  Grand meaning or nihilistic leanings.  Concrete solidity or great void frigidity.  Flawless or jawless.  Shelter and blankets.  Sharp minds or idle wanderers.  Creeks or rivers.  Calmness or shivers.  Greedy ones or givers.  Car crashes or slivers.  Bedtime or hit the snooze.  Win or lose. 

"Officer Writing a Letter" by Gerard Terborch

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