Thursday, December 20, 2012

And Now For Your Feature Presentation:

It makes a week now since we sat in escapism for 2 hours entertained by the ballerinas and ballerinos (if that's what you call male ballerinas, but I know that's not what you call 'em).  All jokes aside, well done Milwaukee Ballet Company on your interpretation of the Nutcracker, for it was worth the monetary units it cost to escape the dread this world's been causing me and mine.  What lies ahead are many days of merrymaking with family for the holidays in which we are in the midst of. From my family to yours, God bless.

Here's a new theoretical formula I've been working on: snow = mc^2, the mc being the abbreviation for Merry Christmas.  There's a solid correlation to both sides of the equation. Make sense? It makes perfect sense.  Where's my Nobel Prize?  As we speak, I'm clearing off a spot for the space it'll soon occupy.  It just so happens that Einstein wearing a Santa hat came to me in a dream and helped me work out the kinks in the equation, afterwards we went bowling, and I bowled a perfect game.  Coz you know how I love me my sports, and how I love them even more in my dreams, where I can fly above all the other inferior specimen in whatever sport we happen to be playing, quidditch, curling, bocce ball, what have you.

What else? Been reading lots, to where I'm becoming a bona fide speed reader, to where my eyes can't keep up with my spongey brain's absorption faculties.

Here's a book suggestion (the book cover even calls out to you, doesn't it?):

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