Saturday, January 19, 2013

It's a bird....
It's a plane....

Nope, it's just one of the Paper Flake 2-dimensional figurines that I have been crafting for my main squeeze to marvel over.  I hide them under her cell phone cover atop the battery, then text her telling her about the Paper Flake figurine's whereabouts in riddle or rhyme scheme.

The Paper Flake figurines are made with sturdy paper for tactile fun to be had with them in the human hand and are colored with high-end markers.  They are tiny.  They are cute. They are crafty.  Kids love and are fascinated by them.

Maybe I will start crafting these Paper Flake doodads for people to purchase.  E-mail me
at   if you're interested in a custom Paper Flake figurine made especially by me.  Give me the specific personification you are looking for (i.e. Einstein, Bob Dylan with harmonica and guitar, a caveman, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, a mermaid, Elvis Presley, etc.).  We can arrange the monetary transaction and you will receive a high-end customized Paper Flake of your own to have and to hold.  Wowee!!!

Paper Flakes, Inc. 2013

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