Tuesday, February 05, 2013

No effects on these snapshots.

       Walked to Walgreen's to pick up ink cartridges for to take ideas from neuron clusters and then synthesize them onto snow white paper sheets. Picked up two big kisses (Hershey's Kisses that is, you know the chocolate dollops wrapped into crinkly tinfoil) for my sweets, an angel who touched down lightly to elevate the status quo of the people in the streets.  People walked their dogs in the still of this particular night as I carried the goods in bags dangling from my gloved hands: cereal, milk, bananas, chocolate, ink. Nothing pedestrian about the activities I cheerfully took on in the evening, when you consider the maneuvers my imaginative mind takes around every quantum millisecond turn. I kiss the sky. I kick the snow. I carry camera. I kick around ideas in a hat-covered cranium. I can calm in a natural way any worry that may make its way into my mind's eye. Say bye-bye. Monumental inscriptions.

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