Saturday, March 16, 2013

newshrub600--the silent treatment, huh?--I almost laughed, did you almost laugh? No, O, okay.__haven't a single plan--fugue--his fugue upon the phone, where he forgot about the convo he had with Sam--What a shamrock shame.--coconut water strewn upon his bedside table--Elvis nudges the swinging door and it moves a plastic bin into a rocking motion--Upper Crust was a location we triangulated our hungry bodies to--I only possess 5 good jokes in my repertoire--so, did you personally decorate this place?--many charming antiques and doodads hung on the walls there--Desirous for months for a Italian Beef to devour, with mozzarella melted onto it--waters imbibed--Hailey is the boss?--Did he have bad breath, because I just popped in a Mentos?--dark room pickup line--you're creepy, not me--what are you doing in that dark room, you li'l creep--weathered faces--Jen's banana bread--C3PO doing standup comedy--the House of the Rising Sun--Alterra two times--UWM Union with a paper airplane that swooped down into the wide open Concourse--Andrew interrupting some workshop there--all day we discussed our destinies in depth--inscrutable destinies of us young, restless ones--kaossilator synthesizer was resurrected--bridal bonanza for Andrea and her loved ones in the meanwhile--Sam's lending me a copy of the Infinite Jest--here in Genoa City until Monday morning--

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