Wednesday, July 10, 2013

miscellaneous haiku for you to view

Wisco Avenue
Takes me to my blue workplace
Seaguls reign supreme

Stephanie's baby
Compiling celullarly
In the fleshy womb

As I empty words
Onto this xy plateau
My self-esteem grows

Insert my soul here
The mixture of mind begets
Poetical text

Mark's booming voice booms
A voice made for radio
Class ring on finger

Tiger-eyed black girl
Sits before me reading fast
Stephen King's the Stand

When I woke at ten

My eyes felt scratchy and dry
The rent was due soon

At her dad's cottage
Emily turned thirty-one
Nacho plates and games

Rowing in kayaks
Andrea and I relaxed
Shared an island kiss

Wall of white sunlight
Making parallelograms
On my caramel flesh

Cumulus gray clouds
Look like little girl profiles
And pigs on platters

When speaking the truth
Don't let discordant ideas
Even surface up

My brooding moves ink
Resurrection of Jesus
He who moves mountains

Rain clouds shifted in
Mitch was smiling big nearby
Limply a flag waved

Fireworks reflect there
On windows of a hotel
Summerfest begins

I lay in the sun
In a spot of solitude
Dragonflies hover

Ponderous sir guy
Empty of ideas, sigh
Well, in the next life

Top off the bleak night
With cuss words and damnations
Yes, it helps to vent

We are not random
But rather celestial
Darwin got it wrong

How are we today?
We are alive, don't you know?
It's a miracle!

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