Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Glad Eyes

On the balcony I waited for my sweetheart's arrival, while rustling leaves oscillated along the ash-gray street. With bags in hand she emerged from the driver's side, after a long day's work. And she gives me glad eyes every time I am visually reminded of her angelic beauty. And so she came with candles from the store, to fill our humble abode with their rich scents. I had been attending to sundry tasks around the house: prepping dinner, storing away the A/C unit, tidying up, all the while listening to a program on the psychology behind spending money, and eagerly waiting for my number one companion's presence. In the end, our night together was short but sweet. But I am just infinitely glad that God has brought her into my pequeño life. She gives me glad eyes, a glad heart, a glad nose (coz she smells so pretty), glad ears (on account of her knack for coming up with new nicknames for myself), and a glad soul brimming with joy whenever she walks through the door of our shared space of living. My true love now rubs her feet together as she heads off to slumberland, and I, too, will join her in a supremely joyous dream, one with choirs of angels. Goodnight, all. May love be in your hearts, love that can lift spirits way high, out into the depths of the Cosmos.

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