Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Miscellaneous Compilation of photographs of recent history, in no particular order (2K14) .... Some were snapped by friends and sent to me via the electromagnetic spectrum.

This First one is a heart shape I formed out of a quilt.

This next one is mixed media. I applied facial features to a cabinet

This photo was taken in a labyrinthine skateboard shop on the east side of town. Pictured here are A. and R. posing naturally.

This is a minimal lighting nighttime shot out our back door window. I found the rectangular nature of this micro vista to have some aesthetic appeal to it. Do you see it, too?


This next one is a location in Monroe, Wisconsin, shot by a one A.D.K. on a fishing trip up there with family. Beautiful scene.

This next one is two people I love lots. This is a day we spent together that will live on in the nostalgia of my mind. Pictured here on a pier leading on out to a lighthouse off Lake Michigan.

 My brother down below, with my nephew peering over the edge.

Vista by S.J.K in the Rockies. 
(scream interlude)

Now these next few photos are of the items I sent to my pen pal S.J.R. The gimmick for this particular letter I sent S.J.R. was that the lines of the letter were strung out like a tickertape, like the ones used in telecommunications of the early 20th Century. I also sent a panda bear paper art cut out, made in the Yuxian County of China. The panda is said to represent good fortune, no stress, and things of that nature. Plus a handmade Bob Dylan charm I crafted was enclosed in the letter. "May you stay forever young" is the sentiment.
 Tickertape letter close-up......

Vista by S.J.K, taken in CO. Back to nature.

This next one is crisis city, a mishap my friend is enduring as we speak. Get well soon, brother man.

Food with R., breakfast burritos homemade by us.

Close-up of S.J.K.'s mountain bike accoutrement, joker card muffler mimesis.

This I love God tree is a beautiful sight to see. Somewhere in CO, the previous photos, snapped by the mind capacities of S.J.K. And this is the end of the slide show. I hope you enjoyed the randomness of it all. Ciao and aloha, from Elsewhere to Elsewhere and back again!!!!!!!!!!!

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