Thursday, October 09, 2014

This is a writing prompt exercise a friend of mine sent me. They presented to me this image to the left, and asked me to write about what I see. The words that follow are my response:

I see an extravagant party under the sea, endless blather amongst the attendees of the party under the sea, joviality that reaches the sky's peak, spanning all colors of the spectrum seen and unseen. And I see a microcosm of infinitely spiked fruit punches, and Aphrodite emerging from the right corner atop the ivory shell. I see the demise of summer and the approach of winter, which finds me imagining a sojourn south in order to escape the impending snowscape. I see larger infinities collapsing like accordions screaming through reeds. I see a diorama of an oceanic nightclub, with an eager outgoing population bending around the block for a chance to see the sea inside the edifice with the sparkling enticing lights above its entrance. I see seahorses entranced by glowing crystals. I see mermaids smoking cigarettes on top of ponderous timeless rocks. Then a waltz is played by a nano piano player, whose hair is jet black and greased back. The piano man is a penguin. The keys are tickled and so are the attendees tickled pink by the ambiance, the mood of the potpourri of colors and sounds.


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