Sunday, February 15, 2015

                                          I done turned 30 a couple days ago, and eventful it was, with maximum happiness and love all around. The week was exhausting but it segued into a weekend of plentiful relaxation. During the week I compiled some job application materials for to obtain a job on a Lake Michigan car ferry for the summer sailing season. I can only hope that the path I'm on keeps glimmering and gleaming, because I never dreamed that I'd have it so good. It must be the continual nod I give to God for all the luck that's been infused into my micro life. This is a snapshot of where I am. Where are you? I hope among hope that you, Websurfer, are hanging ten on a mighty wave on into a shore where a beach party is happening for your namesake, the sand a-grainy and warm between the toes of your happy feet. 

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