Wednesday, May 13, 2015

1.21 GIGAWATTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                Fixated, I looked on at time's continual expirations. Anew, anew, time is ever anew, I knew. At my temples my circulating blood throbbed as a result of my heart's ever-thumping nature. My mother and father passed on this spark that got my heart a-going. I think it's called the sinoatrial node of the heart where it all happens. It's the origin of the electricity that branches in bursts from your heart. The potent point that makes the pace of the rhythm for your heart. Find out more. I laid down an imaginary ruler alongside the timeline between milestones that had happened in my life. The lengths were in flux, the look of my life was as varied as an evening at the carnival, lights flashing, rigged games, vibrant men and women, children being walked by bulbous balloons, popcorn crushed into grass, ropes leading you to the front of exhibits, the strong man, the sword swallower, the enticement of strangers on tippy-toes trying to get a glimpse of an unseen happening.... Where was I? Ah, yes, time and electricity. Time and electricity: the magic threads that tie our spirits down, so we don't fall up, so we're grounded. Let's keep this dream alive. 7 billion engines of consciousness thrumming all at once upon this Earth chakra of ours. Thrumming in time to the cycling of the wheel that moves us through the Aether. Makes sense? Coming Soon to a season near you: Summer. I'll be on Hawaii time. And how about you? At what pace will you race through the place? Surf's up, peeps. 

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