Tuesday, March 04, 2008

personal life hectic -- had to remove myself from that existence -- listening to techno philosophies -- a haze for days and days -- you bore me -- "guy" -- she bothers me but you gotta live with this type of persona -- a garbage mouth so to speak -- wretched existence -- mom talks politics with me over the telephone wire -- I say I'd rather not talk about it -- 3 years ago I prophesied the next American president -- I became dystopian in mind -- forgive me utopian-minded ones -- and then her song came through the speakers in MP3 format -- Aphrodite was stealing songs via some P2P sharing software of lime outward colors -- colors personified in commercialization -- a design that was of another kind that stole imaginations from generations and generations of kids -- and Aphrodite says "it's ready" as she passes by in the hall way -- time to eat I guess -- I'll be back with more textual ranting and raving soon -- I promise -- hope my thoughts aren't too dis     conn     e c    t  ed

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