Saturday, April 19, 2008

4:37 a.m. 18th of April I experienced the earthquake that hit the midwest -- i just so happened to be up to feel it fortunately because I had an urge to just pull an all-nighter on the night that it happened ---- i was sitting in my front room it was glowing early morning outside -- the house rocked it did and i had no idea what it was -- i first attributed it to some kind of wind outside but i looked out the window and there was no wind whatsoever -- it lasted about 3 seconds -- i have never felt anything like it before so then i attributed it to ghosts or something paranormal -- i scared my self a little --- it then took me three conversations during the day about the earthquake to put it all together and then realize that i was up to feel its force earthquake style --- WOAH --

the house was a-swaying strange feeling strange experience

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