Tuesday, April 15, 2008

sun freeze to sun melt

i used to worship the sun and then out of the blue it melted me into a liquid state of strange coherence--
the sun then began to evaporate my matter and I spiraled up around the legs of the people passing by --everyone in a rush 
but on the corner a painter with his brush and a steady flame of inspiration and a perspective of perfection stood contemplative in front of his canvas -- upon further inspection of this section of the city -- I see a pretty bird 

and then a gust of wind tosses me aside into a flagpole and I drip slowly down back to the ground -- the city's bustling sound -- the automobile forces agitate my particles and I flow into cigarette butts and shattered glass

the painter from before looks down and takes notice of the brilliance of my matter  -- he bends down to inspect closer and then dips his brush into my liquid consciousness -- he stands still for a moment before his canvas and then proceeds to paint me onto it
a stroke of his brush

everyone around him in a blurry rush>>>>>>>>>>
another stroke of his brush

as time lapses inevitably, I realize I am becoming a yellow egg yoke

or no wait, I have become a painting of the very sun that melted me in this midsummer's moment


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