Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Believe it or not: ADVENTURES in Bon Iver>> starring the Klabacka sisters (gemini) and myself (Friday, April 11th, 2008 at the Orpheum in Madison) tickets were sold out, but we were determined to get in the show--parked the car -- Reba had knowledge of secret doors to the venue, but we first tried the front door --- it was a front door denial by highfalutin individual with soul patch and goatee and hiker's garb--then we ninja styled around the venue --
there was a moment of unknowing chef on metal stairs and gemini in compromising situations -- we then ended up in the basement of the Orpheum venue -- straight out of a movie set -- cluttered storage area with posters and spare chairs or rather chairs that maybe needed repair--OKAY--here's the best part of it all --- we found another backdoor open and it led right into the backstage area --- Caitlin and I spoke to the Collections of Colonies of Bees, the opening act, in the stairwell by the backstage and the actual stage -- they questioned us a bit, but I told them I knew Sean Carey (the phenomenal percussionist of Bon Iver) --
and then Reba decided to stroll in-- well -- the Colonies of Bees then decided to witness the end half of the Bon Iver performance and we followed them to the side stage where we stood behind a security guard and were but 5 feet from the musical group we came to see (*before the show I texted my pal Sean Carey and told him we were sneaking in and that I would be wearing a sombrero and a poncho) -- he probably didn't believe me until he heard me give him a shout out from sidestage -- behind his trapset he looks to the left to see us three and he goes to me "where is your sombrero and your poncho"
-- Mike Noyce and Sean walked off stage to let Justin Vernon do a solo thing, and then Sean and I spoke backstage a bit about his experiences in touring and my happiness for the success of his and fulfilling of the dreams -- the band then regrouped in the middle of the audience to do an acoustic and vocals harmony of what I believe to be the opening track of the album
--- we were glowing from the experience and then went and celebrated at some local Madison taverns -- it was f'ing awesome to say the least -- *****and cell phone camera fotos will be uploaded soon as soon as i work out the technicalities of it all --****** (i figured it out)

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